Birds provide many benefits to Atlanta residents and visitors. Their natural feeding habits assist in controlling the bug population. Their morning song relaxes and soothes a waking mind. Shore birds help to keep beaches clean of dead fish, and birds provide recreation in the form of hunting, photography, and bird watching. However, when these birds become a nuisance, you need bird control. Squash-A-Bug offers bird control services in many locations of Atlanta and at reasonable prices.

Birds in some situations, though, can be a hazard, and a costly nuisance. Woodpeckers pound on walls making loud noises and creating holes through which they can enter your attic. Pigeons nest on awnings and drop feces making a mess on sidewalks and in doorways. Starlings, Doves, and Sparrows nest in chimneys causing fire hazards. And Sea Gulls in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area are a nuisance to restaurants and business owners as they leave messes on sidewalks and cars and harass customers for food. In fact, birds can,

  • Enter buildings and cause damage to homes and businesses.
  • Clog machinery in industrial businesses causing breakdowns.
  • Build nests that are highly flammable.
  • Destroy crops and gardens.

More importantly, however, birds carry insects and diseases that can spread to humans. With more than twenty known diseases including the Avian Flu, Encephalitis, Meningitis, Tuberculosis, and Typhoid, bird related illnesses are a major health issue.

Advanced Pest Control works to free you of your bird problems using safe and humane methods. Our service includes,

  • Depleting their food supply to encouraging them to leave.
  • Screening or blocking potential access points.
  • Discouraging roosting with devices that hinder the ability.

An Squash-A-Bug service technician will evaluate your property to determine the severity of your bird control problem and the type of bird that is flocking to your business or home. We will then discuss the best tactics for bird removal and upon approval, will begin working to remove those unwanted birds. Our service technicians are available in many locations. They are skilled to humanely solve your bird problem so you aren’t plagued with feelings of guilt, the costly aftermath and worry of diseases.