Cherokee County

Cherokee County

Pest Control in Cherokee County

We handle termite inspections, cockroach removal, flea extermination, mosquito control, bedbug removal, spider removal, mice and rat removal, yellow jacket removal and bird control among others, and we do it all with great proficiency.

Rats, cockroaches, ants, silverfish and mealy flies are all too common in households in Orange Beach. The first step in eliminating these unwanted creatures is to identify them in order to decide on an appropriate course of action. First you need to determine whether you are dealing with a household or a garden pest in which case the methods of elimination are different.

Why Hire a Professional Pest Expert?

It’s quite tempting to opt for DIY solutions for pest eradication. You may be opposed to hiring an expert to vanquish the menace for you, but here are some reasons why that may not be a brilliant idea.

Keep ‘Em Gone for Good

First of all, the vermin is most likely to come back after you are done removing them. If you left a few survivors, you’ll start all over again. Then there is the issue of saving money. Why spend some extra money on expensive chemicals, which are probably too much for a single use? You will find that hiring our professional exterminator services might be your best bet to eradicate the pest and keep them away for good.

We Know the Right Pesticide for the Job

If you decide to use a pesticide it is important to consider the target vermin. Specific insects and rodents have different lethal dosages and some chemicals are more effective in killing them than others. In addition there are mild and highly poisonous pesticides in the market. It is highly recommended that you try the mild ones first then the highly toxic ones as a last resort.

Bait boxes that use nonvolatile chemical like boron are much safer than powders and sprays which spread the poison in the room. Where utensils and foods are stored, bait boxes are ideal to avoid contamination of foods.

On the other hand, some mild poisons like insecticidal soaps and dust boric acid kill fleas on contact but are not harmful to humans unless ingested. Caution must be taken however to ensure that these do not land on foods and are kept away from children to avoid swallowing.